Monday, May 2, 2011

Jazz Fest!

I survived an entire day at Jazz Fest while 6 months pregnant! I think I should get some "honorary NOLA citizen" points for that.

I love Jazz Fest. Yeah, I know...expensive, crowded, hot, full of musicians whose music is definitely NOT jazz...whatever, I still love it. My mom loves it too, and we often go together.

But here's the mom is a festival MACHINE. She prints out the schedule, she plans, she highlights, and she marches all across the fairgrounds, or French Quarter, or wherever said festival is occurring, never tiring. I can usually keep up with her, but not this year! So I warned her that I wanted to spend all day, if possible, with my butt firmly planted on a chair in a tent. She kindly obliged, and spent her extra energy going out on food missions and keeping me well fed and hydrated. Score!

We spent most of the day in the jazz tent, then headed over to the blues tent to see Arlo Guthrie at the end of the day. I admit, had I not been pregnant, I probably would have opted to see John Mellancamp over on one of the big outdoor main stages. I can't help it, I grew up with his stuff and I love it. BUT I'm glad I'm pregnant and lazy, because Arlo Guthrie was phenomenal. A great storyteller, with such amazing positive energy that you could almost feel the tent buzzing with it. I ran into some friends, ate great food (yes, it is possible to find vegan food at Jazz Fest!), and treated myself and my son to a full day of music. He's going to have to get used to the fact that is his mom is a hippie.

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