Sunday, March 13, 2011

Theater life of late

I went to see Intringulis at Southern Rep last night, after winning tickets to opening night via a Facebook contest. I love solo shows and have done a couple myself in the past. I like to look at how they are structured. Solo shows can be great to take on the road, because you don't have a big group of people to wrangle (and pay). Many of them have minimal sets and costumes, because generally the performer does not exit the stage so there is no time for changes. This show had a simple set design that worked quite well. I especially liked the window that was used for a scene about a window-washer, and later used like a dry erase board with markers. Carlo Alban sang songs and played guitar throughout the show, which was a wonderful addition to his insightful narration and portrayal of several characters.

Personal stories can be so illuminating, and are often ignored in discussion of big political issues. This play brings an important perspective to the immigration debate.

I also have to add that they were selling vegan chocolate chip cookies at the show, and the opening night reception included some delicious fruit. Score!

As for me, the project I've been working on with Ashe Cultural Arts Center, A-Musing, won first place in the Louisiana AACT festival. This means we'll be traveling to Texas next month to compete in the regional competition. Working on a show while pregnant has been much more of a challenge than I anticipated*, but I am proud of the piece, which has evolved a LOT since I joined the process, and heck, it's always nice to win awards!

*Translation: I have been the kind of lethargic, whiny and overly emotional actor that I always found annoying to work with in the past. In fact, I find myself annoying to work with, yet I can't seem to snap out of it. I'm just not my energetic self these days!

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