Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A sad goodbye to Cafe Bamboo, a happy hello to DixieBee!

I recently learned that Cafe Bamboo on Esplanade closed :( That was my favorite restaurant in NOLA since I went vegan (before going vegan, it was La Crepe Nanou, but I'm pretty sure nothing on the menu there is vegan...though I would love to be wrong about that).

As sort of a consolation prize, though, a lovely little juice bar/sno-ball/gelato shop opened up recently just a few blocks from my apartment: DixieBee. Not only do they have a wide variety of juices and healthy sno-balls,* but their gelato is made with coconut milk, not dairy. They will even make non-dairy shakes! Check it out, locals, whether you're a freaky vegan or not.

They're on Magazine across from Whole Foods.

*Flavored shaved ice, for those not familiar with this favorite NOLA treat. MUCH BETTER than the sno-cones you can get up north at fairs and such.


  1. I'd been wondering what that place was! I'm also kind of obsessed with the idea of using coconut milk lately, so I may check out their gelatos, too...

  2. Coconut milk is pretty awesome. I've used it to make rice pudding, and I've had tapioca pudding made with it in a Thai restaurant. I also like the coconut milk "yogurt" that they sell at Whole Foods.